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Land litigation cases in Ghana are alarming. Research conducted at the High Court Registry in Accra showed that there were 60,000 land cases in the superior courts alone and as for the lower courts, they were so overwhelmed with cases that the courts were unable to give the statistical data pertaining to the land matters pending before them.

In order to avoid land litigation, it is imperative that you buy land from authorised persons, ensure that these persons comply with the rules on conveyancing, do a thorough due diligence and register your interest in the land. It is critical that you approach every land transaction as though you were dealing with a dishonest person.

In this article I will help you understand the main causes of land litigation and how you can avoid them. I will use practical examples from my experience and case law.


The main causes of land litigation in Ghana are:

1) buying land from unauthorised persons;
2) failing to comply with rules on land sale;
3) failing to do a thorough due diligence on land;
4) failing to register one’s interest in land.

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