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  • Introduce us Rbscity?

Rbscity is the property department of Rent Buy Sales Ltd Company in Accra-Ghana. We offer various services in the field of property such as rental, sale, purchase, management or renovation or properties.

Currently we only operate within Accra-Ghana and our premise is located at Kingsby, New Achimota.

  • How long has Rbscity been in existence?

Rbscity has been in existence for more than a decade now.

At the beginning we were mainly proposing furnished apartments. These apartments were available for both, short and long term stay. At that time, most of our customers were foreigners.

  • What kind of properties do you propose at Rbscity?

We propose a wide range types of apartments as follows:

  • Furnished apartments: from single rooms to 1+ bedroom apartments.

Among those we have our own apartments of furnished single rooms self-contained located at Akweteyman and some others at Kotobabi. Besides Furnished apartments we also propose

  • Unfurnished apartments,
  • Furnished houses,
  • Lands in Nsawam etc..

All apartments proposed by Rbscity are always located in the safest neighborhoods of Accra and come with a minimum of executive standards.

  • Give us details about our own properties

Some years ago, Rbscity renovated single rooms at Akweteyman and some at Kotobabi to respond to the need of foreigners coming to Accra and looking for short stay accommodation.

  • Our apartments at Akweteyman

We propose furnished rooms, in 2 apartments each of 4 bedrooms self-contained located at Akweteyman in a storey building. The rooms are rented individually and tenants share a hall and a furnished kitchen.

  • Our apartments at Kotobabi

We propose furnished rooms in a 4 bedroom apartment with main kitchen and a hall. One of the room is self-contained and the 3 others bedroom share bathroom and toilet.

All rooms either at Akweteyman or Kotobabi have been fully renovated and equipped with brand new furniture (flat screen full digital / satellite TV of 32’’, fridge, fan, queen sized bed, wardrobe and more).

We designed these rooms to suit students or workers looking for quiet place to stay.

The amazing thing with our apartments is they can be paid on a monthly basis and the rent includes electricity, water, dustbin and cooking gas refill charges.

  • How to request Rbscity services?

Many ways and they are all simple

  1. Rbscity makes it easy for you with the request property option. It has been designed to facilitate the work of our agent on selecting properties for our customers.

On, click on request property and fill the form with accurate information.

It is free of charge and helps our agents to get exactly what you need before they propose a property.

After submitting the request, an Rbscity’ agent will get in touch with the customer to assist in the research.

  • You can as well contact us on WhatsApp or through a call on +233 26 985 8889 for more assistance or walk-in our office located at Kingsby New Achimota.
  • Visit our website and browse into our listing. Click on any of the listing to view more details and accurate pictures with terms and conditions to acquire it. When a choice is made, contact us to book an appointment for a visit.
  • Still on our website, select the type of property you are looking for on the search tab and get a list of what is available with us.
  • What are Rbscity terms and conditions

At Rbscity we care for our customers.

We know renting, buying a place or land is most of the time a life investment.

Therefore we care more on finding the right property for our customers than anything else. In this process, Rbscity does not take any moving, booking or visiting fee. Visits are free of charge with us. Payment comes with satisfaction, only when the customer found with us, his/her dream property.

Our percentages:

  • 10% for one or two years rent,
  • One full month rent for less than 12 months (Negotiable).
  • Why the name Rbscity?

The name, Rbscity is composed of RBS, the Mother Company and city which gives a view of our ambition, proposing real estates in years coming.

  • Where in Ghana are your properties located?

We have properties in the safest neighborhoods of Accra-Ghana; Abelenkpe, Achimota, Osu, Dzorwulu, Tsado, Westland, Legon, Ridge, Cantonments, Tantra hill, Tesano, Mile seven, etc….

Currently we only propose lands at Nsawam.

  • Why Rbscity and not another agency in Ghana?

With Rbscity we go straight to the point no petit fee to distract the customer from his will and need of securing a property.

Professionalism and respect are key words in our engagement with customers.

Besides, we remain available even after the property has been secured. We make sure the stay of our customer goes for the best.

  • What are the main challenges Rbscity is facing in Accra rentals?

In Ghana, the rental system is far different from what we used to see in others world countries even neighborhoods countries of Ghana. Indeed, most of the rental goes for 12 months or 24 months contracts. This remain difficult for some foreigners who are not aware of the system.

  • What are your main target in the property field?

Re-invent rental, sale, purchase of properties.

Offer reliable services and advices and build a long lasting relationship with our customers.

  • How far do you see Rbscity in the next ten years

Offering executive modern real estate all over Ghana



Tel: +233 26 985 8889