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Most people working or residing in Accra cannot afford the cost of building or purchasing their own houses or apartments. The best opportunity some of these people have is to leave with their relatives in their homes. Renting a room or an apartment in Accra comes with a lot of challenges as well.

  • One of the major challenges is getting connected with the right agents who will not harass or dupe you in the long run. Also, some land lords and land ladies rent out rooms with hidden challenges example is a room sited in a flood prone area, a room with leakages and the likes
  • The first step in renting a room or an apartment is to find out how much an area you are interested to rent in and its suburbs are selling when it comes to renting. If the prices do not tally with your budget, then it advisable you search elsewhere.
  • After you have finally gotten a room that matches your budget, you have to consider the monthly charges on water on electricity. Ask questions on the electricity and water meter type, how many people are connected to it and the estimated bill a month. You can also ask around on how much other people normally pay as water and electricity bills just so you know what to expect.

After you have properly gone through all these stages to can then go ahead to pay for the room and sign the necessary documents after reading through very well.


Land litigation issues in Ghana have scared so many people away from acquiring lands. The major land issue people encounter is the issue of multiple sale. This is a situation where a particular land is sold to more than one person. This situation and worse can be escaped if the right process of acquiring lands in Ghana is adequately observed.

Lands in Ghana either belongs to a stool or a particular family. The first stage in acquiring a land from any of these owners is to request for a site plan which you will take to the Lands Commission to conduct a search to confirm the right ownership of the land stated in the site plan.

After this stage, you will have to get a personal surveyor to also verify the size of the land among other details stated in the given site plan.

After undergoing these stages, you have t request for a transfer of ownership from the owners of the land and register it in your name with the Lands Commission. You then acquire a permit with your land document which gives you the full authority to put up any structure on the land. It is advisable to first build a fence wall with a gate to guard your land. This permit according to government law protects you from issues especially with land guards.

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